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Bobos’ Story


Alan and I first met Bobo one Saturday afternoon in February 2014 after my then partner now husband lost his faithful companion over the Christmas period.

Home never felt the same, so we decided to start looking. We found a rescue shelter local to us and went to have a look. There we found a small puppy with big front paws, we asked the staff if we were able to get him out and take him for a walk, they were happy to oblige and brought him out to us this was where the problems started! This puppy didn’t want to walk, all he wanted to do was go back into his kennel where he felt safe and secure. We asked about his story, He had been abandoned as a puppy and had only known his kennel so was very frightened of the world. Heavy-hearted we decide that this was not the dog for us so continued to look.

We found another dog on the same day and did adopt her. She also had a heartbreaking story, as she had been rescued from a Romanian kill shelter and brought to the UK. Being imported she had to remain in the shelters name for three months before we could register her as our own. She had settled so well with us, we decided to go back to rescue the black puppy with the big paws; thinking she could help show him that the world was not so bad. After having had her for two weeks we went back to find that the puppy with big paws only to find he was no longer there.


The day before coming home.

Then in April 2014 we went back to the shelter, as it was time to register Lady with her forever home. While Alan was doing this I went to view the other dogs in need of a home. I had just walked passed two of the kennel doors and as I got level with the third, this black dog jumped up at the bars. It was the little black puppy with big paws; although he was no longer so little. Again we asked to take him out for a walk as we already had Lady and wanted to see how they got on, again the staff brought him out. When Lady saw him her tail began to wag which is something she had never done when meeting other dogs on her walks

We took them a walk and they walked side by side. It had been decided not by us, but by two with wagging tails, that the little black dog with big paws and no- name had found a new home. That day he found a name, a home and a family. Bobo has gone from strength to strength ever since, under the watchful eye of his sister (Lady).


Happy contented and at peace with the world.

In 2018 Bobo carried the rings for our wedding while Lady ensured that we both turned up for the ceremony.


We have mentioned her a few times above so here she is Lady.


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