Awake Your Magic Spirit Board By Anne Stokes


Spirit board with a frosted picture of a forest in the background with a white owl in flight with the alphabet, numbers, words and symbols printed on it

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An Anne Stokes Awake Your Magic Spirit Board featuring an owl in flight. The back of the board features a sentimental poem. Comes with a matching planchette and instructions.

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Dimensions 0.5 × 39 × 30.5 cm


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Spirit boards “Ouija” are also sometimes referred to as talking boards, they are usually oblong in shape and have various lettering, words and symbols printed on them. There is usually a pointer which is called a planchette and this is normally heart-shaped, this is the part of the board that participants place their finger upon during a séance.

The first reference to the automatic writing system used on the board is believed to have originated from China in 1100 AD

Spiritualists believe that the spirit board is a way to communicate with the deceased.

Some religions see the use of a spirit board as demonic, claiming that they are a way of calling up evil spirits.