Moving Mouth Old Man Face Mask

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Moving Mouth Old Man Face Mask

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Moving Mouth Old Man Face Mask Designed by Ghoulish Productions.

This Moving Mouth Old Man Face mask comes in two parts allowing the mouth to move as you move your chin. Fixed in place by elastic straps that go around the back of your head.

The mask only covers your face.

Ghoulish Productions are based in Mexico. They produce high-quality Latex Theatrical masks and costumes. The masks all have a super soft interior and are finished using None Toxic Latex Paint, this allows them to be easily washed.
Ghoulish Productions have been producing high-quality masks for the past 70 years, the quality and detail of the masks are that found in the movie’s, in fact, they have been used throughout the film industry making Ghoulish a world leader in lifelike latex masks.

As the company has grown so have the masks.  With the introduction of puppetry and today’s technology into some of their products.
Ghoulish do not copy, they are copied due to the design quality of Ghoulish Masks.


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