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Traqueotomia In Throat Wound (Skin Safe Latex Prosthetic)

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Gruesome Latex pre-formed wound full of gory detail,

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Traqueotomia In Throat Wound. 9cm long x 6cm approx
All wounds are hand painted so each wound may differ slightly from the picture.
Blood and glue are NOT included these will need to be purchased separately.
We sell Hydro Spirit gum too Check out Special FX then SPFX Special Effects. Always patch test spirit gum before use.

Wound Guide Lines
1) Patch test spirit gum and blood normally a little dab behind the ear at least 24hrs before using products. Check for a reaction.
2) Required – latex wound, spirit gum (if not hydro make sure you have a remover for the glue) Blood, sponge, cotton buds for applying glue, baby wipes for little accidents.
3) Provisionally check where you want to apply the wound.
4) Clean skin area with soap and water
5) Round the edge of the wound apply the spirit gum liberally and on the skin area, you are going to stick it to.
6) Stick wound on to the skin, press firmly for a few minutes. (More glue may be required to get the edges to stick)
7) Use sponge and dab in fake blood, then cover the middle of the Traqueotomia In Throat Wound.


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