What inspired Bobos’ Den



Alan & Graham chose the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria to honeymoon on, not only for the wonderful beaches, majestic mountain scenery, but also for the warmth and welcome that the LGBT community finds on the Island. Play del Ingles has for many years been the focal point for the gay community, offering a wide and varied nightlife.

During their many visits to the night life, they witnessed sections of holiday makers, wandering from venue to venue, looking slightly uncomfortable either because they didn’t ‘”fit” the stereotype of that venue, or frankly they were just holidaying alone.

That is when Alan & Graham were inspired to create a venue to welcome all regardless of body image, age, sexuality or gender. Where “people are just people”, have fun, make new friends and enjoying everything Gran Canaria has to offer. Alan, Graham and the staff are waiting to extend a very warm Canarian welcome.

Where does the name come from?

Bobo is one of Alan & Graham’s dogs, who make them smile every day and that is just what Alan & Graham wish to make you do. Smile and make happy holiday memories. You can read more about Bobos’ story and rescue on his own page here. Or call in and meet him and his sister in person! They love meeting new people just as much as we do!

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