Cream Dreamcatcher with Tassels


Cream Dreamcatcher with tassels

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Stunning cream dreamcatcher with tassels a contemporary and trend-inspired take on this traditional gift. Beautiful and intricate in craftmanship a wonderful gift for someone moving into a new home.

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Dimensions 2 × 31 × 60 cm


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Have you ever wondered why people hang dreamcatchers?

Dreamcatcher talismans are thought to have originated from the Native American Indian tribe Ojibwa Chippewa. The tribe believed that the night air was filled with dreams.

The women of the tribe would weave dreamcatchers to protect there sleeping children from bad dreams. They believed that the bad dreams would be caught in the net and that the good dreams would be pass through the net, while bad dreams get caught within it. As the sun rose the bad spirits caught within the net would be destroyed in the sunlight.

The Ojibwa Chippewa believed that spiderwebs were placed by the spider grandmother "Asibikaashi". Asibikaashi was seen as an important figure in the tribal culture sent to protect the people and land. Tribal women would also pass on a dreamcatcher to her child as a form of protection.